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Hi I’m John Adam,

I believe in transparency on the web, and according to The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires, we are here now disclosing our affiliate relationships.

Our amazon Store


  • Our website has an amazon store that offers products related to the aquaponics farming and aquaculture
  • we have an amazon affiliate program
  • In case you buy any product, we will take small commission
  • All the products will be supported from Amazon by customers review and rating at  every product’ s description
  • We tried to collect the products with the highest quality upon the buyers reviews and rating
  • All the products will be classified in categories with prices comparison, so it will make it easier for you to choose the best for your aquaponics system
  • In all cases you will never find the products on our aquaponics supplies store have higher prices than amazon
  • In case you like some product, but you don’t want to buy it from our store for one reason or the other, copy the name of the product and go to www.amazon.com and search for the product there and buy it
  • Never buy any product till you feel so comfortable believing that it will help you in setting up your aquaponics system



  • You will find banners on different places in our website for DIY Aquaponics Course (Aquaponics 4 You)
  • We will take commission in case of sale
  • I included this course because simply, I tested and compared it  with other courses over the web and I believe that it is the most trust worthy educational DIY step by step course for the beginners, supported by  strong media (included)
  • The product will be sold through clickbank, so it is so safe sale
  • The product  will be with the official price, and for sure not more expensive
  • The product has money back guarantee for 60 days after sale in case you are not 100% satisfied from it
  • Because I have affiliate relation with the website of this course, to be fair I didn’t make a review article about it to don’t give it passive advantage, I just left the visitors to go to the course website so they can discover it, with out been effected from my opinion

Why AquaponicsSystems.net is involved in affiliation programs?

Your support in purchasing through these links enables us to finance the developing of AquaponicsSystems.net with high graphic educational media, keep up with high standards of design and allows us to meet the regular costs of the website such as hosting and domain expenses.

And in other words by your purchasing through these links, you are supporting AquaponicsSystems.net to keep alive.

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