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Aquaponics System Concept Review

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Aquaponics System Concept Review

Living healthy in a clean, green environment and eating natural organic food is a priceless gift that a small percentage of people enjoy. But now there is a fantastic, easy way to get healthy organic food, in addition to naturally raised fish without hormonal, chemical enhancement or gender change to enhance fish growth. This is known as Aquaponics System- the procedure in which you can raise natural organic vegetable or fruit in addition to healthy fish in your home. This method is very simple and affordable.

Hydroponics System

Hydroponics System

Aquaponics System

Aquaponics System Mix Of Aquaculture And Hydroponics

Aquaculture System

Aquaculture System


1- Aquaponics System Infrastructure

Aquaponics reduce the environmental footprint in crops production and allows for cultivating plants in locations you do not typically associate with farming, such as a windowless basement, remodeled urban, house, or a ritual fitted factory building. As long as there is access to electricity and water, fish and crops can be raised indoor in an eco-friendly symbiotic environment. However with the ability to raise fish and grow plants indoors, a major issue to consider is initial costs associated with heating and air conditioning, as water temperature needs to be maintained for the health of the fish and room temperature needs to be regulated for the plant growth.

Each Aquaponics system can be designed to maximize the use of available space. For example, a room with a high ceiling can allow for stalking of the grow bed, that will require more pumps and pumping but the investment will allow for more plant production , and utilizing natural light from existing windows in old factory buildings can also reduce artificial lighting costs
With careful planning and caretaking, Aquaponics can not only be used as an eco-friendly sustainable food production system, but a profitable business with significant growth potential.

2- Important note concerning Aquaponics systems water!

As the water flows through the grow bed and the plant absorbs the nutrients, the filtered water flows from the bed to the lowest point in the system called a (thumb). From there the water is pumped back into the rearing tank and the cycle continues.
Some micro nutrients such as iron and magnesium may need to be added to the Aquaponics system to ensure plant health.



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