• Tilapia Farming

      Tilapia Farming is one of the easiest and most popular among all aquaculture systems fish farming in United States last years. Tilapia fish farming became famous as profitable system too and it’s called “aquatic chicken” because of its rapid growth, high stocking density, and low cost feeding. Tialpia farms can be found in many shapes starting from the fish hatcheries to the fresh water farms, tilapia fish farming tanks, and growing ...

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  • Aquaponics Fish

      Why we should Choose carefully our aquaponics fish? The aquaponics fish has great significance. The fish is the number one factor that will ensure the sustainability of your aquaponics system. The fish life cycle produces all the necessary nutrients for the plants you will choose to grow in your system; and for those who love to eat fish, your aquaponics fish will provide the most fresh and organic food ever!

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