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10 DIY Aquaponics System Plans&Designs

Posted at January 19, 2016 | By : | Categories : Basics | 0 Comment

10 DIY Aquaponics System Plans&Designs

Aquaponics systems have attracted so many families and people from around the world, in the last decade, it so good that people want to have their own food produced in their homes by their own hands, saving themselves money and the good quality of the healthy organic food

That amazing design of Aquaponics let you grow organic vegetables and raising fish in the same cyclic integrated system that makes the system very cost efficient, there is a few people who know exactly how build good aquaponics system, so you will find a lot of people who interested in aquaponics, ask about the techniques and skills that help in managing a successful project.

Here it is the best 10 back yard and indoor DIY aquaponics system plans and new designs

1:  Make amazing aquaponics Design from garden scraps:

Try to find a suitable enough space in your garden that let you execute aquaponics plan for a simple, vertical aquaponics design for growing fish and vegetables, all what you need is only area of 3 ft * 5 ft, if so, make sure that you will have delicious meals for so long period of time.

Materials needed for this Aquaponics plan

  • Pumps
  • Barrels
  • Pipes
  • Tools

All what you need to put this DIY plan to action is 2 hours, and this is the details of this plan, information, measurements and joints:


2- Metropolitan bathtub design plan:

Not all the aquaponics designs are heavy to build and ugly looking, this plan give you one of the best backyard aquaponics systems, good looking and economic this design will surprise you when you finish it.

This plan steps:

First: dig the soil and fit the pond, the bathtub will serve as the growing bed

The pond and the bathtub will be linked together by the drainage system

Here the complete steps:

. Get the complete detail he re 


3: Sexy shelfponics:

This aquaponics DIY plan is suitable for people who do not have much space in their garden or backyard, this plan is very beautiful for small spaces and even your kitchen. You can notice that the name of this aquaponics DIY plan that it can be made of five or four levels the more you need the more you can add,

For details, please read the detail instructions


4: indoors sustainable aquaponics system plan DIY: 

You need to visit IKEA to get the simplest tools for this plan, also you need to spent some time in a Hardware shop to get some needed parts.

You will need plastic container and two baskets connected with Antonius frame.

To be able to handle this handy aquaponics system plan and DIY, check this out “link”


5: Effective Small Aquaponics DIY Plan:


This is simple aquaponics system plan will be the best choice for you in case you have never done this project before to train your hands andgain some good experience that will help you to move to next advanced or bigger aquaponics system plan that you also can DIY “Do It Yourself”

The best advantage of this Aquaponics plan is that it is so effective when you keep in mind is cost

.Get the detail instructions here


6: Indoor Aquaponics Plan:

In Your living room in any small unneeded space you can fit this lovely Aquaponics system that will give your home a nice sense when you or any of your family members wake besides, get the drainage system and install the plastic containers “The tubs”  into it in the main structure of the system

For details, have a look here 


7: Two barrel Aquaponics system plan:


All what does this Aquaponics Plan need to DIY “Do It Yourself”  and be ready for work is only a few hours by yourself,  this system is very effective and well integrated also looks very neat,

For step by step information and proper instructions,have a look at this picture guide:


8: Aquaponics System plan For Wall Garden Pattern:



This Aquaponics is very easy to do but you need to know how wall gardens are arranged, and its patterns if you do not know check this link “link”, with the same exact way arrange the water container along with it and connect them with the drainage system, to get such beautiful aquaponics system that you DIY without help, this is a vertical aquaponics type



. Get the instructions here 


9: Desk Top Aquaponics Gardening Plan:


In this link you can watch a full tutorial showing you a plan to build indoor aquaponics system, if you care most for growing plants, the best time is in the winter, imagine that you can DIY with a very small amount of money, the cost will be $180 or less.

This will get you amazing aquaponics system gardening experience,

Here is the video link that will show you step by step plan for how to DIY :


10: Tabletop Aquaponics Plan:

Implementing this DIY plan will give you a very economic and cost effective Aquaponics system, do you know that this Amazing system will cost you $60 or less.

You can place a PVC tray and slab containing the plants within on top of the table aquarium, the source of energy and light for the plants will be a regular bulb

. For details, click this link


11: 55 gallon Aquaponics DIY Plan foraquaponics gardening system: 

This is one of the Most Economic DIY Aquaponics system Plans, The cost will never exceed $200 limit, at the first impression you might think this plan is complicated and hard to do it correctly and easily but, trust me with the detailed instructions and photos, it is very easy DIY aquaponics plan.

This link will takes you to the details:


12: Top Tank Balcony Plan

In this simple plan you need at least two tanks, one for the fish and one or more as a growing bed for growing your vegetables, here you can find the plan details:


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