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How to Make an Indoor Aquaponics System

Posted at January 30, 2016 | By : | Categories : Basics | 0 Comment

How to Make an Indoor Aquaponics System

Aquaponic System is a new genius technique invented very long time since the time of Pharaohs thousands of years BC, this method is the mix of two other system, the first one is hydroponics which is growing plants or veggies in no soil using only water and root supporting system. The second system is Aquaculture, which is raising fish in aquarium or water tank.


So Aquaponics system is the technique that is used effectively to grow natural organic vegetables indoors, and raising healthy delicious fish, this system provides nutrients for its products in a very amazing way, this Aquaponics system takes the fish wastes to provide organic nutrients for the plants and this purify the water for the fish at the same time giving you long time before you need to change the water saving a huge amounts of water.


The indoor Aquaponics system is gaining a wide popularity each day as a very effective indoor gardening technique that is sustainable and self-sufficient and this indoor Aquaponics system is the one of the best applications for permaculture and if you did not know what is permaculture is this is its definition: the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.


Now we will show you step by step how to DIY “do it yourself” if you are curious about trying to be self-independent to have organic food and healthy fish.


We will try to make all the needs tools and materials be provided from IKEA and any local hardware store. This indoor sustainable Aquaponics system have a beautiful look that can be placed in your home in any empty place, that will add a beauty touch to your home, and will make the family happy.


First: Setting up the frame Of The Indoor Aquaponics System:


Antonius frame from IKEA For Indoors Aquaponics System DIY

Make a visit to IKEA to  get the basic frame of your indoor Aquaponics system:


Antonius frame from IKEA For Indoors Aquaponics System DIY

1-    Antonius frame from IKEA for the main frame


2-    one or two wire baskets


Container of Indoor Aquaponics System DIY Part Of The Antonius frame from IKEA

3-    Two of the plastic containers: 13.2 gal container will be used for harboring the fish as a fish tank and will be placed in the bottom of the indoor Aquaponics system, and 6.6 gal container will be used as plant tray for the plants and this will be the growbed on top of the indoor Aquaponics system.


These parts will be assembled together and you can easily do that by following the Antonius frame manual.




Note: If you can’t find the Antonius frame at IKEA you can order it with the growbed and fish tank fixed in it and the rest of needed parts together from Amazon:




The wire basket will be used for supporting the 6.6 gallons plastic container that will be used as a grow bed for your indoor Aquaponics system.


Concerning the 13.2 gallon plastic container you do not have to support it as it is supported by being on the floor.

Some people like to trim the top plastic containers lip to make sure they fit very well in the main frame and also they prefer to cut the containers handles but my advice is not to remove them off as from time to time you will need to carry the growbed and the fish tank.

You can also add a beauty touch to your indoor Aquaponics systems by decorating it like adding certain colored paintings to the plastic containers of your Indoor Aquaponics System, Just make sure that the decoration and your paintings are on the outside of the plastic containers of your lovely indoor aquaponics system.

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