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Sustainable Indoor Aquaponics System DIY Step By Step

Posted at January 28, 2016 | By : | Categories : Basics | 1 Comment

Sustainable Indoor Aquaponics System DIY Step By Step

IKEA Sustainable Indoor Aquaponics ٍSystem Plan DIY

Now Aquaponics systems is very popular, and many people started to do the idea, organic food is very expensive and it is not easy to get fresh healthy fish, so people attention was attracted by this amazing system as it provides the organic healthy vegetables and the fresh fish and for that reason aquaponics system became very popular these days, Aquaponics integrates two systems in one system, Hydroponics system for growing plants and Aquaculture for raising fresh fish.

Aquaponics system put together the plants, the fish and the good bacteria to do the ultimate job giving an ecological organic food production system.

We will show you how to create your amazing aquaponic DIY system, using a very simple stuff, for example you can get all what you need from IKEA and any local store that sells hardware.

For creating the system we will get the skeletal Frame from IKEA it is IKEA’s Antonius Frame also one or two wire baskets and the same number of plastic containers.

Sustainable Indoor Aquaponics System DIY Step By Step


Sustainable Indoor Aquaponics System DIY Step By Step

The first big plastic containers which is 50I will be used for harboring the fish and the smaller 25I will be the plants growbed, the small growbed will be at the top of the system and the bigger plastic fish tank will be at the bottom of our aquaponics system, this will be done after setting up The IKEA’s Antonius Frame as instructed in its manual.

The wire baskets job is to be used for supporting the plants grow bed as it will be on the top of the system but for the big 50I plastic fish tanks it needs no support as it is supported by being on the bottom of the Aquaponics system and on the floor.

Some people like to trim the top plastic containers lip to make sure they fit very well in the main frame and also they prefer to cut the containers handles but my advice is not to remove them off as from time to time you will need to carry the growbed and the fish tank.

You can also add a beauty touch to your indoor Aquaponics systems by decorating it like adding certain colored paintings to the plastic containers of your Indoor Aquaponics System, Just make sure that the decoration and your paintings are on the outside of the plastic containers of your lovely indoor aquaponics system.

Setting up the whole parts of this indoor aquaponics system (the IKEA parts& the plumbing pieces) is very easy to do also it take one hour or two maximum



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