Choosing The Right Aquaponics Fish

by Admin on March 15, 2011

Creating a sustainable eco system is now easier than ever. Aquaponics fish choice is important and when making this decision you will have to take into consideration the size of your tanks, the climate, and what type of vegetation you are going to grow. Below is information on different species that are commonly used.

Tilapia is the most commonly used because of their excellent eating qualities. Tilapia grows rapidly and reaches edible size around age 4, with their average weight being around 5 to 6 pounds. They feed on small organisms and plankton. Tilapia is best paired with leaf lettuce, herbs, and common house plants.

Koi is another good option because of their ability to adapt to different environments. They also get along good with other species and cope with large numbers. Koi have a low mortality rate and adapt well to artificial diets. Koi is best paired with fruits and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Silver Perch is a species that thrive well in large groups. They can live in varied temperatures of water and love algae. Silver Perch can also do great in smaller groups but need to be paired with leafy vegetation if this is the case. In larger groups they are matched good with vegetables like squash, peas, and different varieties of beans.

Catfish have the ability to blend well in different environments making them a good candidate. Catfish eat a high protein diet and are easily adjusted to an artificial diet. They are a commonly used species because they have the shortest turnaround time for maturing. They can live in large groups and are not territorial. Catfish are paired well with fruits and vegetables.

Considering the size of tanks used for your aquaponics fish choice matters. Deciding which vegetation you wish to grow and how much space is needed, can affect the species you are able to raise.

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