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Author Topic: Fish species tour
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Fish species tour
on: October 13, 2012, 23:05

I am keeping a quite large flood and drain system. My system is at the stage that needs now a new fish species. The winter is coming and I was thinking of trying the trout. I never used the trout as fish in my aquaponic system before and I am little bit hesitating to choose it, cause I know trout is a really demanding and fragile fish species.

Has any of you grown trout in his aquaponic system before?

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Re: Fish species tour
on: October 14, 2012, 18:31

Hi all,
I just finished the setting of my aquaponics system and as a beginner I am full of questions about everything.

Sure have no idea about fish species and what to choose but i want to ask something by the way.

Do you replace all fish with new fingerlings to have a new fish crop? Or you put some new fingerling to the already existing large fishes?

and in case you replace all the large fishes what will happen with the nutrients?

the grow beds will be able to support the plants or they will need some plant food to keep our crops alive?

And another point, When you start with a system of four grow beds, you plant all of them from day one or plant them gradually according to the fish growth rate?

we can make our life better

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Re: Fish species tour
on: October 14, 2012, 19:10

Dear Bryan

Your question is a really good one. I follow both tactics in my systems. In my small systems I keep a variety of different sizes in the fishes and add the new crops as well, but in the large systems I remove all the old fishes. The only sure thing is that you have to take care of the size of the new fish you will put to your tank.

If you already have large fishes try to don’t put small fishes with them cause the large fish will end up eating all the new ones. If you want to put small fishes in your tank that already have large fish, you have to give them some protection (use some net and create protection area).

In my biggest four grow bed system I stock the system with 100 to 120 fingerlings all the same size. The grow beds are all working by this time but I add some seasol and charlie carp into the water.This supplementing will not last for long, will be one time per week for a time period of six weeks and in small amounts. At the same time of re stocking fish I re plant the grow beds so the nutrients need is not big one.

When the large system is in full production and working really good, I keep the grow beds at different growth stages, so after I harvest (one bed at the time) I replant it.

Generally when the fishes are in large sizes, the plants are growing faster and healthier.


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Re: Fish species tour
on: October 15, 2012, 21:07

Dear Admin,
Want to ask you something about the fish stock. Is it among your intentions to breed your own fish in a nursery tank?

On my opinion this has to be done if you want to call the system self sufficient,without the need of visiting the stores to buy fingerlings.

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Re: Fish species tour
on: October 15, 2012, 21:17

Hi Stanley,

Really it will be great if I will be able to breed my own fish. Till that time comes I prefer to focus on the things I know how to do well.

The breeding procedure is a tricky one and to say the truth I feel little bit scared to get involved in something I do not know many things about.

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